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Hire a classic bentley or an Aston Martin for your wedding

Your wedding day is a special day for which you need to go all out. Arriving in a beat up truck is simply unacceptable. You need something extra like the Aston Martin DB7 to shake things up and wow the guests.

Now before you shake your head in protest because you think this is impossible, read on. You do not have to buy an Aston Martin DB7 in order for you to use it on your wedding day. You can simply hire one. When , you need to go the extra mile, and the Aston Martin will sure add class and a touch of luxury to the most important day of your life.

Classic car hire services in the UK now provide you with the option of hiring any type of vehicle you want for your wedding day. You can get an Aston Martin DB7, or a classic bentley to help make your wedding special and to give your spouse the dream wedding they have always wanted.

How to Hire an Aston Martin DB7 for Your Wedding

So how exactly does one go about hiring such a classic car for the wedding? Simple; you can get this amazing car by simply searching for websites that offer car hire services. To narrow your search, look for those that specifically deal with the Aston Martin DB7 and tailor the search to be in your area.

Depending on the company you hire, you will be picked by the Aston Martin DB7 right from your doorstep in true celebrity style. You can enjoy the comfortable ride to the wedding venue with your best men as you enjoy the beautiful road and scenery that the company will have pre-organised for you.

When you 5 for the day, it essentially becomes yours to use as you please. For this reason, you can take a many pictures as you would like before, during and after the wedding ceremony as long as it is within the time frame you agreed on with the company.

Hiring the Aston Martin DB7 vs classic bentley for Your Wedding

Hiring the prestigious Aston Martin DB7 comes with countless perks. First and foremost, you will be able to impress everyone attending the wedding by showing up in a super car that most people only dream about.

In most cases, luxury cars come with a driver, and the Aston Martin is no different. Rental companies offer chauffer services with their vehicles at no extra charge as part of the client appreciation. However, if the chauffer costs are charged separately from the hire rate, you can choose to look for a chauffeur yourself. Check out and see how you can go about it.

Upon payment you can be sure that your wedding will go smoothly because the Aston Martin DB7 will be in great shape for the duration of the wedding. You do not have to worry about insurance, the condition of the car or even fuel. All this is catered for by your one-off payment.

Precautions to Take When Hiring the Aston Martin DB7 for Your Wedding 

Is the Rental Company Legit?

Before sending any payment to the hiring company, you must ensure that you confirm that they are a legitimate entity. You can do this by looking them up on listings of businesses in your area. No need risking throwing away your hard earned money to scammers. Additionally, make a visit to view the car you intend to use for your big day. Seeing it first hand and confirming that it is indeed in good condition is important. 

What Are the Costs?

You can get a quote online before paying up for the amazing Aston Martin DB7. Get the relevant quotes and see if it fits your budget. Do not wait till the last minute for this because you need to budget for your big day. A quote can also help you compare prices online for the best deals available. Ensure availability of the car you hire for the specific day you need it to avoid mishaps at the last minute. This is why a written contract is essential between you and the car hire company.

Hiring the Aston Martin DB7 for your wedding is perhaps the best gift you can give to your spouse. No matter how many times you get married you can only have each wedding once and that is all the chance you need to make it as special as possible.

For extra pizzazz you can go for a package that lets you use the Aston Martin DB7 even after the wedding. This means your guests can also view the car after the ceremony and marvel at the beauty of British engineering. They are also allowed to take pictures in it with their friends and family. The Aston Martin DB7 experience is one you simply have to try out.

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Hire A Classic Bentley Or An Aston Martin For Your Wedding

Hire A Classic Bentley Or An Aston Martin For Your Wedding


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